Monday, January 28, 2008

Short-Term Fundraising Goals

If you're doing a fundraiser with a short term goal there are an infinite number of products that can help get you profits in a hurry. Some of the most popular are:

Cookie dough---lots of different companies
Flower bulbs
Scratch tickets

Some products you will be asked to pay for upfront and others you can collect all the funds and then pay. Companies vary so do shop around.

These items are best sold in a two week period. Anything longer and the group may lose their sense of 'urgency' and anything less and they may fall short of their $$$$ goal amount.

So what types of groups benefit the most from this type of fundraising?

Church groups
Youth groups
Little league
Scout groups

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Jill's Original Artwork and Gifts said...

This is a terriffic list. We do the cookie dough alot for baseball and we make alot of money doing it.