Saturday, February 9, 2008

Add A Blog!

You can add a blog to your website and talk about your cause and keep it in front of your donor audience.

You can set up a blog at or both of these are free services. Or if you're a bit more advanced and want more of a professional blog you may want to try where you will have a monthly fee of up to $15.

Once you've done this you may want to learn more about blogging if you're a novice. There are two easy to follow books 'Blogging for Dummies' and 'Start Your Own Blogging Business'.

Write a Press Release about your blog and submit it to your local newspapers. I'll teach you how to do this later, but establish a number of entries on your blog first.

Make sure you use 'tags' or 'labels' that will make it easy for those to find you when they do a search. These 'tags' will be words that tie into your blog post for that day.

One of the things you want to do in your blog, that may be different than your website, is update how you are doing in reaching your goal. Perhaps you want to highlight a new member who has spent volunteer time helping your cause. (Everyone likes to see their name in print as long as you're writing something nice!) Remember to give them lots of public accolades! List any new events that may be coming up and write up a review of any past events. Adding photos will get prospective donors to continue to look at your site. There are many people who want to keep up with the Joneses!

As an example, one of my favorite types of non-profits are those that support our environment and wildlife. So, if that were your cause you could write about a different bird each week--include its migratory pattern, how it nests, what its nests are made of, how many are thought to exist, how long their eggs need to hatch, who are their natural predators, their habitat, what they need in order to survive, things that endanger their habitat, etc. Each week bird enthusiasts would return to your blog to educate themselves about a new bird. So do try to educate in your blog.

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Mitch said...

Actually, you missed two ways to have a blog. One, if you have a website, you can add a blog to it by either creating a subdomain or just adding it as an extension, which I've done with my business blog. The other way is to purchase a domain name and turn it into a blog, which I also have.